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Easy Peasy Beach Wave Tutorial

Easy Peasy Beach Wave Tutorial


“Heating up the hair heats up the hydrogen bonds – confusing them into thinking they are going to be really curly.

Then you want the hair to curl around a round surface (a roller) so that you get the longevity of the curl, but you get a nice deep wave. So it’s the cooling down of the hair that sets the hair, not the heating up.

When you are softening the hydrogen bonds and then you are stretching them out around a big roller they then harden up around the roller.” -taken from Kevin Murphy on his last stop in Portland

Fall Make-Overs

Fall Make-Overs













Wendy, age 50

“At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.”

― Maya Angelou

There’s no denying that there is a lot of emotion and self-esteem tied up in women’s appearances.

Typically I talk with the client about their lifestyle and maintenance requirements before formulating a plan. I am very much into subtle but impactful make-overs. For me the *wow* factor comes when I am able to really showcase someone’s already beautiful personality by enhancing it – not by showing them their endless flaws with an complete overhaul. I don’t want people to lose their identity while they are in my chair, I want them to build upon the good stuff that is already there.

I also keep word-of-mouth marketing at the root of most everything I do – If I make you feel good about yourself you are going to want all of your friends to come to me as well. And if I have empowered you, then I feel better!

Skin tone and wrinkles also play a part in the direction I choose. Dark shades against aging skin can be add years depending on who it is. One of my main focuses as a hairstylist is keeping people look as youthful as possible for as long as possible. Conversely, hair that is too light can add years as well.

Overwhelmed yet?

Hormones change as we age and women tend to lose hair right along with their male counterparts. A thick head of hair keeps you looking youthful – but what do you do if you don’t have those thick tresses any longer? For finer hair types a blunt shape creates a strong line which gives the appearance of thicker hair. Color also can be used to create dimension and give the appearance of denser hair. It’s really a case-by-case basis. So really, at the end of the day, you just need a good hairstylist to keep your look fresh and youthful. (And doesn’t my client Wendy shown above look like she’s having a blast?)


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Liz, age 31

Liz has been having a rough go of it. Off work due to a wrist injury, her hair was looking as tired as she felt about her predicament. A big hair transformation can be the spark that leads to real life change – there’s substantial power in the added self esteem boost. I vibed Liz out to see just how up for that change she was, and Liz was indeed ready.

I’m not instantly compelled to chop a person’s locks off, but judging from her Instagram photos I felt like she could use some length removed. She also seemed hella cool and I really wanted her hair to embody that. I wanted to lighten her dark natural color a bit to add enough warmth to bring out the pink in her cheeks as well as showcase better her adorable freckles!

Liz’s lifestyle is very low maintenance, so I kept that at the forefront of our time together. I made sure not to lighten her color too far from her natural so that she wouldn’t have to refresh her color often. The baby hilites I did are hidden within the bangs and sides of her hair for added dimension, and to alleviate grow-out as well. And her cut will easily be air-dryed and still look fly. I think we did good here – I have already witnessed her smiling in pictures again.  Job well done!

Lisa Hill PR

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 5.10.21 PM


Lisa, age 50

I was blown away by Lisa when I met her in person; youthful, energetic, cute as hell – I was surprised only because I didn’t catch that from her above bio picture on her company page. I immediately wanted to transform her hair into something that was as youthful and cool as she was.

I started by cutting the perimeter shorter. Spending your 5th decade with a youthful profile should be advertised! I was able to do this by adjusting the weight she had at the nape. Lisa actually has quite a full head of hair which is great for keeping her looking younger. By tweaking the length a bit and adjusting the layers I was able to really accent the nape of her neck for a sexier, more youthful profile. I then added dimension by weaving 3 different blondes into her hair. I did this instead of an all over base color because I want there to be a bit of a shadow at her roots. Depending on the client, a full base re-touch can be ageing, and even though we didn’t entirely cover her greys it will still keep her looking younger with a darker base. We opted for air-drying to bring out her natural texture. Lisa now looks as spunky as she is!

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