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hair Oil that gives you childlike luster

Penetration. A word that vacillates wildly between Sunday football and porn. In the beauty scheme of things it is considerably important – from skincare to your hair. I bet you didn’t know that an oil penetrates deeper than a lotion and the smaller the molecular structure of what you are using the deeper it goes.

This is most important when the weather changes, going from a house full of heat to the blustery outdoors, heated cars and out to run errands – these extreme changes in temperature fooling with you. Constantly putting on hand lotion? Hair feeling crunchy? It’s time to pay serious attention to your epidermis and cuticles.

There’s more. Sulfate free surfactants are a larger molecule than sulfates, therefore they have less ability to penetrate into the skin and so are less irritant. Also, because of their larger molecular quality, they help to keep the hair from depleting its color. Plus they add great shine and luster. There are a number of things that go into what you put on your person.

The most cost effective ways to combat dryness? Put your blowdryer down two times more a week (avoiding heat styling) and when heat styling use a protective product.
(Make sure it isn’t filled with silicones – this pesky ingredient from the 80’s is actually counter-productive, putting a coating on the hair that is almost impossible to get off – keeping other well-intentioned ingredients form penetrating the hair shaft.) Coat your tootsies and hands before bed, sleepy time is the bed time for your skin to repair itself, and why not do it slathered in goodness?

beautyWhat do we like? KEVIN.MURPHY’s YOUNG.AGAIN – heat protection up to 420 degrees, is a great hydrating oil, and because the molecular structure is the same as skin care? We generously slather on our hands and feet. Best cuticle oil ever.




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