Treat Your Hair As if it is a Fine Silk Slipdress

It’s fine. It’s delicate. It’s shiny and it’s beautiful. Do you think it will stay that way if you were to treat the same way you would a polyester pantsuit?

The wrong shampoo will strip your hair. The pH of it will cause your cuticle to open up, making your color slip out of it. Once your cuticle is roughed up and open it will also fight with its fellow strands, making it difficult to get a comb through.

I know good shampoo isn’t cheap, but it keeps your strands from looking so. Hair that doesn’t reflect shine and are broken keep you looking as youthful as possible. Good shampoo also protects your color investment. It’s worth it!

beautyKEVIN.MURPHY is my favorite. And BORN.AGAIN is the best body lotion next to coconut oil!

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