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Faces and Pillow Cases

Faces and Pillow Cases

Man do I love me some sleep; but what I like even more is a luxurious bed to do it in. I never felt as grown up as I did the day I bought myself a huge bed followed by Egyptian Cotton sheets. But I soon remembered – wasn’t I supposed to be using a silk pillow case to lay my pretty head on – helping cause less wrinkles on my face and less snarles in my hair?

From Huff Post:

What are the benefits of silk pillowcases for your hair and face?

As an ultra smooth fabric, silk pillowcases won’t bind or catch hair the way manmade fabrics can. Hair glides on silk rather than rubs. This benefit is enhanced when the silk is pure long strand mulberry silk (cultivated rather than wild) and it is a traditional charmeuse (satin) weave, which gives a depth and even greater softness and smoothness.

What are the benefits of silk pillowcases for your skin?

Silk is not a manmade product, it is entirely natural (our dying is of the strictest environmentally friendly standards) and therefore hypoallergenic. Unlike other fabrics, silk comes from an animal and contains amino acids that are compatible with and friendly to human skin. Silk wicks moisture and is also adjusts comfortably to ambient temperatures (keeps you cool in summer, warm in winter)

How to choose the right type of silk pillowcases? Are there different types?

There are four attributes to look for if someone wants a quality silk pillowcase (or bedding of any type) that looks and feels beautiful and which lasts:

  • Type of silk.

The best is 100% long strand Mulberry Silk. This is silk that comes from silkworms fed an exclusive diet of mulberry leaves. Mulberry silk produces a longer, whiter and more durable thread than wild silk which is known as Habotai or Tussa.

  • Type of weave.

The best is charmeuse and the best charmeuse comes from traditional, narrow looms that run slower than newer, faster, wider looms.

  • Weight of fabric.

Momme (“mommy”) count is the weight of 100 yards of material 45″ wide. Thread count is virtually meaningless for silk as it takes several strands to make a visible thread. The ideal is 22 momme as it is heavier than most other silk bedding fabric (which can be as low as 15 which you can poke your finger through) but no so heavy that it doesn’t drape beautifully

  • Workmanship.

Silk is a difficult fabric to sew. Only the best artisans can do it well. Be careful of shoddy/hasty workmanship.

Are silk pillowcases sustainable?

Silk pillowcases are 100% sustainable and more earth friendly than any other fabric in existence. The production of raw silk, has been done for decades in rural China and helps alleviate poverty in rural areas.

Top tips on how to care for your silk pillowcases.

Silk bedding including pillowcases are 100 per cent machine washable. Use a cool, gentle setting, lingerie soap and tumble dry on low heat for 20 minutes. The balance of drying happens quickly on its own. They don’t require ironing.

I now love silk bedding. I will be adding silk to my bed linens, to create a bed which I love and will benefit my hair and skin.

Besides our Beloved Retin-A, How Should we REALLY be Taking Care of our Skin?

Besides our Beloved Retin-A, How Should we REALLY be Taking Care of our Skin?

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I HAVE COME TO AN AGE WHERE I REALIZE THE DAMAGE OF MY YOUTH HAS SPRUNG ALL OVER MY FACE LIKE A SCARLET LETTER TO A WHORE. I see dark circles under my eyes, the literal baggage of a divorce that had I simply bought a land rover and kept my mouth shut, would have cost me less money and had better performance.  There is nothing youthful feeling about the solar system of acne that has sprung forth from the oil slick of what the nice people around me like to call a ‘glow.’  One should be able to tell where their face stops and their lip gloss starts.  Though I grew up in the polar opposite of the sunshine state my face is sprinkled with what apparently hormones and age illuminate as dark spots and freckles.  I am 39.

In my early twenties I was promiscuous, finding myself laying on random tables monthly, trying to find anyone who may fill the void, but to no avail.  I still wandered aimlessly, stripped of my youthful self confidence and optimism.

Then, like any love story, she walked into my life when I least expected.  Having finally given up the search I was finally found.  I do not exaggerate when I say that upon meeting her a faint light encompassed her body, the subtle glow of an angel.  It probably was the reflection of the sun off the window at Starbucks, but I often tend to over exaggerate to make my points.  Words like ‘dermaplane’ ‘microderm’ and the like sprung forth from her mouth like a poem from a lover. I was already deeply infatuated with the idea of her, now I just had be allowed into her lair for the delivery of the much anticipated happy ending.

Shannin far surpassed what little expectation I had, having been around the block a time or two. After the recommended product regimen my dark circles have been erased from my face, I wake up in the morning and no longer frighten my pit bull. Having used the recommended acne products my face was void of pustules in literally 3 days. And the facial peel – oy vey! I have yet to do the recommended more advanced treatments, but this girl, I am telling you, can do no wrong.

I asked what the advantage of being an aesthetician in a doctor’s office is…..from Shannin: ‘Being an Aesthetician in a plastic surgeons office means I have access to medical grade product which delivers results. I get to see more results than just delivering “fluff”. I do get the opportunity to learn more about “medical treatments” that maybe an everyday spa can’t offer.
Some refer to aestheticians in the medical field as “medical aesthetican’s” but as of yet, that type of training isn’t available. We get our (medical) education within the practice under the Doctors supervision.
My schooling for aesthetics was a 1200hr program which gives me the title “Master Aesthetician”. It is extensive and covers more ground, fully preparing me for that option to work with a physician. The Masters program isn’t offered in every state, yet.
The only procedures I can do are the treatments the Doctor allows and falls within the states guidelines.”

The Spa at Waldorf Center 9775 SW Wilshire St. Portland, OR 97225

by Shannin Lowe

When I leave the dentist’s office, I’ve been given a free Colgate toothbrush and toothpaste.  When I leave the pediatricians office I receive free diapers and formula.  OBGYN’s office hands out samples of birth control.  But when I see my dermatologist, I leave with a sample of Cetaphil face wash.  Does everyone get the same face wash?

First of all, why are samples being thrown at us regardless of tolerance, type and addressing our skin concerns? We should all be treated accordingly.  All of us have different skin types.  Some aging, some with hyperpigmentation, dry, oily, etc. Not everyone should be using Cetaphil on a daily basis. But we do, because our doctor told us to and we believe her.  So then why are there still concerns within those same users? Cetaphil is a very neutral cleanser. It’s benign.

be·nign  adj.

1. Showing gentleness and mildness.

2. Having little or no detrimental effect; harmless: a chemical additive that is environmentally benign.

Only would it be o.k. when in adjunct to a treatment prescribed for the specific skin disease.  I feel that if you are going to take the time to cleanse your skin, why not make it count? Using active ingredients will only benefit your skin or skins condition.
Cetaphil is great when the skin has been compromised due to a sunburn, eczema, after a bad reaction or while undergoing a specific treatment at your dermatologists office. But using it daily when you have concerns with aging, hyperpigmentation, acne and so on, would be totally pointless.  It will do nothing for your skin.
So come on now, let’s cleanse with integrity!




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