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Every woman with a pulse shamefully sits with all of the latest gossip mags in her lap for the duration of her hair appointment. If she is fortunate enough she has scheduled a foil as well, allowing her more time to peruse the naughty publications. Inevitably, at the end of the beautification, it is bashfully acknowledged, “I wish I could do that at home.” It almost becomes anti-climactic. She is sent out looking her absolute best, only to know the look will never ever be replicated from her own bathroom. That coupled with the photo montage of starlets running through her head because of all of the magazines that have been emotionally ingested. So what is a woman to do?

There are a few tricks up the sleeves of professionals, and most of them start with 4 items: blowdryer, curling iron, bob pins, hairspray. When editorial stylists are on a set for a photoshoot they don’t have time to gunk up the models hair, much less use countless items to create the look.. Super! We can’t afford to by a bunch of stuff anyhow, and all of these things can be purchased at your local drug store.

For volume: A blowdryer must be used. Sorry. If you are a lazy Daisy this is impossible to sidestep. But…To assist in your sleep apnea you can let your hair air dry for most of it, or you can even throw a volumizing product in at the root, on wet hair, before bed. Wake up in the morning, with a dry friction fro, and lightly mist. Now, take that blowdryer, toss your head upside down, and activate that volumiser with the heat from your dryer. Voila! We just saved ourselves a half-hour that we can now use to stalk on facebook.

An updo. Really? Surely, sister! And this can be done at any length. Tease (oh yes, I sure did say tease. Or rat. Insert fav word if you must) that crown. Get a bit of height. Spray if you must. Take the back of your hair and just twist a few sections and pin. And that is it. HUH? Yup, yah know how the models hair in magazines are that perfectly coiffed messy bunch of hair? These looks are created on set in literally 5 minutes. The highly paid photographer doesn’t have a lot of time to be messing around, so it needs to be done quickly and efficiently. If this becomes a completely mind boggling experience, then throw a pony in it, and randomly pin the tail. And, if all else fails, throw a stinkin’ flower behind your ear before you head out the door.

Gossip Girl curls. Where do these kids come from, because the chicks I went to high school with never looked like them. Regardless, this is the most envied look of the moment, and who doesn’t want to be the smartest dresser of all her friends? (You can only be a smart dresser if you are accompanied with smartly done hair!) So, that curling iron I made you buy, this is where it comes in. Mid strand down on your hair, grab a pretty sizable fist full of hair and curl it from the mid-shaft, leaving out 2 inches at the bottom. Proceed around your head, you will need to curl no more than 7 sections. This technique is widely used on editorial photoshoots. Let the hair cool down (smarty pants insider knowledge: A curl is created when the hair is heated up, opening up the cuticle, and thus the curl is set as the hair cools and the cuticle lays back down.) and then run your fingers through to break up the curl. Throw your head upside down and shake if you will. Because we let the curl cool down in a curled position, this will last until you wash.

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