My First Published Write-Up

Vivian McInernyI must be getting old. I sit here reading Vivian McInerny’s final fashion blog for The Oregonian and it brings a tear to my eye.
I had just started working at Aphrodite (now 77) coiffing hair, excited to finally have ‘made it,’ being downtown was the first step in my hair world domination. I sauntered into the back room and overheard Kenny Wujek (owner of the former LIT clothing store) talking about the ease of the press release. I yearned for recognition in my industry, and for him to talk so easily of how one could get press I thought, ‘hey, why not me too?’ Press releases weren’t foreign to me, I was editor of the Benson High paper, just like my older sis, and also DJ’d on KBPS (K-Benson Polytechnic High School.)
I went straight home after getting done with work and put my press packet together. I had just done a photo shoot, so I threw in those pictures. Thinking back to my rudimentary approach I have to chuckle a little, thinking when Vivian received them she must have been a little amused with my presentation. Off my packet went.
No longer then 2 weeks later I received a call from Miss McInerny wanting a phone interview. I think the whole salon heard my squeal, and I tried my hardest to be witty and make her laugh, figuring this would set the memory of me in stone for her future reference. My photos were to be showcased in the annual Oregonian Holiday Hair layout.
Much to my 25 year old delight my pictures were bigger on the page then Greg Best, one of Portland’s top Hair Stylists. I would enjoy a few more write-ups from Miss McInerny over the years, but alas, you never forget your first.

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