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Back-Combed Hilites

Back-Combed Hilites



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Back-Combed hilites are a really great way to add a pop of color to your service without adding too much time to your client’s appointment.

Here we have Jennifer, who has been my client for many years. We are adding a few panels of color to each side of her head around her face. Another great thing about the addition of these hilites is that the client is able to get a fresh look without having to worry about maintaining a bunch of color.

I used COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY non-ammonia bleach in the foil packets and processed it along with the base color that I applied which was a 5.7 LIGHT BROWN CHOCOLATE.  I mixed the color with 20 volume at the root, and remixed the same tube of color with a level 3.5 developer and ran it through the ends, giving it an absolutely gorgeous chocolatey brown base with a caramel pop of color. It should also be noted that Jennifer has about 30-40% grey hair and the COLOR.ME covered it beautifully.

At the shampoo bowl I applied the NEUTRAL toner on the hilites while wet, processing it for ten minutes before the blow dry. I styled Jennifer’s hair with a touch of ANTI.GRAVITY at the root at the crown running a bit of YOUNG.AGAIN through her ends before flat ironing.


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