Treat Your Hair As if it is a Fine Silk Slipdress

Treat Your Hair As if it is a Fine Silk Slipdress

It’s fine. It’s delicate. It’s shiny and it’s beautiful. Do you think it will stay that way if you were to treat the same way you would a polyester pantsuit?

The wrong shampoo will strip your hair. The pH of it will cause your cuticle to open up, making your color slip out of it. Once your cuticle is roughed up and open it will also fight with its fellow strands, making it difficult to get a comb through.

I know good shampoo isn’t cheap, but it keeps your strands from looking so. Hair that doesn’t reflect shine and are broken keep you looking as youthful as possible. Good shampoo also protects your color investment. It’s worth it!

beautyKEVIN.MURPHY is my favorite. And BORN.AGAIN is the best body lotion next to coconut oil!

How Curling your Hair Works

How Curling your Hair Works

“Heating up the hair heats up the hydrogen bonds – confusing them into thinking they are going to be really curly.

Then you want the hair to curl around a round surface (a roller) so that you get the longevity of the curl, but you get a nice deep wave.  So it’s the cooling down of the hair that sets the hair, not the heating up.

When you are softening the hydrogen bonds and then you are stretching them out around a big roller they then harden up around the roller.” -taken from Mister Murphy on his last stop in Portland


Dandruff is Naughty

Dandruff is Naughty

Dry scalp (and skin) typically sKevin Murphy Products Portland, Oregonets in when the weather changes. Extreme temperature changes causes our skin to freak out and sometimes get crusty. It’s okay, it happens a lot – and it’s much easier when you are armed with the proper products. While you are at it grab some BORN.AGAIN to soothe your skin (and hair.) I regularly use BORN.AGAIN conditioner as a skin lotion! Since KEVIN.MURPHY products are all created with small molecules and are skin care grade the BORN.AGAIN easily penetrates your dermal layers so you don’t feel greasy but still feel hydrated.


FACTS: Green tea promotes strength and protects against bacterial invasion. It contains protein enzymes that decompose oxygen to prevent oxidation of colour.

Nettle: Cleans and stimulates the scalp to help stop hair loss and provide optimum conditions for healthy hair and growth. Fortifies hair fibers and helps oxygenate the hair follicles.

Addresses scalp conditions * green tea and nettle are regenerative, so good for anti-aging * great for oily or dry dandruff









The newest line to join the KEVIN.MURPHY range is PLUMPING, consisting of PLUMPING.WASH, PLUMPING.RINSE and BODY.MASS.

“The PLUMPING line became a reality because of all the successes I had seen with eyelash thickening and lengthening products. The results I saw were quite astonishing because it actually works. This technology was the inspiration for the line but I also looked at the successes that were being achieved with these types of men’s products as well.

I then realised that there was nothing truly feminine on the market that helped women both on an emotional level and a therapeutic level” explains Kevin.

These types of products rely on regular use to achieve results but there was no instant gratification. So we decided to go one better and added full
strength proven therapeutic ingredients and a new type of polymer that made your hair feel thicker from the first use.

We have chosen ingredients like Oleanolic Acid from the ‘Lovely Hemsleya Root’, Apigenin from Parsley and Biotin GHK from the eyelash thickening and lengthening industry. This ‘complex’ is the key and has been scientifically proven to work. We make sure that the full strength has been applied to the products and we have the scientific data to prove it.

“Women are emotionally devastated by hair loss and with so many products on the market targeted at men or in masculine or medicinal packaging, I wanted to create a line that had clinical proven data but was easy to use, decidedly feminine and with a simple application”.


The BODY.MASS can be used with the PLUMPING.WASH and RINSE but it also can be integrated into any WASH and RINSE regime. It must be applied regularly to the scalp every day (if possible) or every time you wash your hair and it must be the first product applied after washing.

The polymers give an instant result from the first application which will encourage you to keep it up. The PLUMPING line will take 14 days to kick in so keep it up at first to get the microcirculation going in the scalp. Some people will see the results within 14 to 30 days. The aim of the products is to lengthen the growing or Anagen phase of the hair, which will in turn lessen the falling or resting phase. The result is more Anagen hairs per head resulting in thicker, fuller hair.

Kevin explains “the PLUMPING.WASH prepares the hair by gently exfoliating the scalp and improving circulation with the help from sugar Cane, Nettle and Ginger Root Extracts.

The RINSE plumps the hair and adds density via the ingredients Rice Proteins & Rice Amino Acids”.

The fragrance contains White Florals, Orchid Extracts and Citrus extracts, making it feel fresh, invigorating, but still sweet and feminine.



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