GET THE LOOK: Mermaid Waves

GET THE LOOK: Mermaid Waves


This has been my daily look as of late, and a curling technique I have used numerous times on clients. It’s easy, I swear! I try to let my hair air dry to save time and heat styling damage. I heat up the hair with the curling iron, and I don’t bother with the curlers – I just let the hair cool down by letting is lay loosely and cool down on its own. I forgo the teasing so as to sport a day look, and after the hair has cooled after curling I spray it with SESSION.SPRAY following that up with a brush through with my boar bristle brush. Wha-la!


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Don’t allow your hair to be as dull as your ex was

Don’t allow your hair to be as dull as your ex was





images courtesy of Kevin Murphy

hair Oil that gives you childlike luster

Penetration. A word that vacillates wildly between Sunday football and porn. In the beauty scheme of things it is considerably important – from skincare to your hair. I bet you didn’t know that an oil penetrates deeper than a lotion and the smaller the molecular structure of what you are using the deeper it goes.

This is most important when the weather changes, going from a house full of heat to the blustery outdoors, heated cars and out to run errands – these extreme changes in temperature fooling with you. Constantly putting on hand lotion? Hair feeling crunchy? It’s time to pay serious attention to your epidermis and cuticles.

There’s more. Sulfate free surfactants are a larger molecule than sulfates, therefore they have less ability to penetrate into the skin and so are less irritant. Also, because of their larger molecular quality, they help to keep the hair from depleting its color. Plus they add great shine and luster. There are a number of things that go into what you put on your person.

The most cost effective ways to combat dryness? Put your blowdryer down two times more a week (avoiding heat styling) and when heat styling use a protective product.
(Make sure it isn’t filled with silicones – this pesky ingredient from the 80’s is actually counter-productive, putting a coating on the hair that is almost impossible to get off – keeping other well-intentioned ingredients form penetrating the hair shaft.) Coat your tootsies and hands before bed, sleepy time is the bed time for your skin to repair itself, and why not do it slathered in goodness?

beautyWhat do we like? KEVIN.MURPHY’s YOUNG.AGAIN – heat protection up to 420 degrees, is a great hydrating oil, and because the molecular structure is the same as skin care? We generously slather on our hands and feet. Best cuticle oil ever.






KEVIN.MURPHY graphic design by Mandy Zelinka I HAVE ACQUIRED A BIT OF AN OBSESSION WITH A MAN. WELL, MORE WITH WHAT HE GIVES ME. It is a bit of a one-sided relationship, and for once in my life I am more than okay with a less reciprocal venture. I get what I need and then I leave the house ready to start my day.

I think about him while I am at work, THE SCENT OF HIM FLOATING EFFORTLESSY IN THE AIR AROUND ME. I glance at myself in the mirror, liking the confidence he gives me.

If you think a product line can’t really evoke this kind of emotion, you are mistaken. This white girl has had plenty cases of the knotties, and nothing has been able to tame it like the Kevster. No more do I have little naps on my nape when I wake up. But enough with the foreplay, let’s get it on.

Firstly, Kevin Murphy products look terribly cool in the bathroom. The packaging is ultra chic, and airline spillage approved. All packaging is 100% recyclable. Getting past the hard outer shell and into the creamy inside, this stuff smells like an essential oil extravaganza. I have a sensitive sniffer, and most fake scents don’t fly under my radar. This stuff passes the test, as it has a ‘real’ quality. The essential oils are there for performance; they add an unbelievable shine to the hair (which equals healthy hair with a child-like sheen – shine keeps you looking YOUNG.) They are also full of anti-oxidants and are naturally regenerative. After studying aromatherapy and its effects on sensitive skin, Kevin Murphy hand picks what he wants included in the formulas. Not being able to find exactly what he needed on photo shoots, he started mixing lotions and skin care to use on the hair. This was because the ingredients in skin care products are small enough to actually penetrate and absorb in the hair. Because of his close personal relationship with Kiley Minogue he has made sure to avoid using parabins and sulfates, because there is a chance that parabins have been linked to an increase of estrogen levels which has possibly been linked to breast cancer.

Most products only address the topical layer of the hair – such is the case with 90’s slip technology, or even the new Moroccan Oil. Products with this slip technology keep nutrients from penetrating the hair and can actually cause fungus to grow on the scalp! This is also why hair needs to be completely detoxed for the molecular structure of the product to penetrate into the cortex, and also makes it easier to understand just why this product feels so amazing – because it actually goes into the hair and restores it, instead of sitting on top of it. These products are also great to put on the scalp, as they promote at a cellular level, and are small enough to pass through the cellular wall to repair hair at the dermis. Here is another fun fact – tea tree is a natural macrobial and is found in many of the products!

If you haven’t caught my drift thus far, KM products help hair grow healthy from the inside out. The Born Again conditioning treatment has Rose Oil in it, which combines with other botanicals to penetrate deeper. Everything has UVA and UVB inhibitors. The essential oils act as a heat protectant, and they have products with the names of ‘easy rider,’ ‘motion lotion’ and the like.

Whether you have a man in your life or not, you will quickly find that Kevin is all the man you need.





Kevin Murphy Products Portland, Oregon

Kevin Murphy Products Portland, Oregon

Kevin Murphy Products Portland, Oregon

Have you ever sat so close to a living legend that you can smell his signature scent? I sat down with Kevin to get the answers.

Did you know: Kevin Murphy is left handed?

Left handed people can’t be taught hair, so I had to find my own way – which ended up being a benefit.

How does it feel to ‘lead’ so many stylists?

It is a relief! My company is filled with so many salespeople – it is a relief that people see the same things I see. It is an honor to mean so much to so many stylists.

How does it feel to be compared to Vidal Sassoon?

I am very flattered to be compared to him.

Who are your hair heroes?

Marc Lopez, Guido, Kenneth

How do you feel about where the industry is currently at?

I feel sorry for the industry – all of my friends didn’t have the right products to use. Vidal Sassoon, Paul Mitchell, Bumble and Bumble…were all driven by hairdresser’s. Most products are driven by company’s and marketers. People think they care about us, but they don’t, they are companies. Our industry doesn’t trust the hairdresser.

How do you stay inspired?

The longer I do it the more inspired I am. If your eyes aren’t open you will never find it. The inspiration is never very far away. It’s about micro-trends, you need to be homed in to them.

What is next for you?

A bigger apartment (with a laugh.) It is always perpetuating. We will be doing cutting at the Seattle and Chicago show.

Kevin, you always smell so good – what scent to you wear?

Bois d’Argent by Dior

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