I had no doubt in my mind that KEVIN.MURPHY coming out with a color line would be one of the the best things that ever happened in my 18 year hair career. My work behind the chair was transformed when Felicity Blake sashayed into my salon shlepping his product line almost a decade ago; but I have to admit I didn’t expect it to be THIS good.

Admittedly, I have always had a problem formulating reds, and frankly, I had pretty much given up, which is very unlike me. I don’t tend to let things rule me, but I had so much trouble over the years I had grown tired of redos and had taken to motivating clients that sought out that color to go to one of my trusty co-workers. So you can imagine how astonished I was when I nailed not one but TWO absolutely stunning copper reds in ONE WEEK with this color line.

Alright Kevin. You got me. But let’s see how your color performs on absolutely thrashed hair with the most uneven porosity I have seen in all my years of working behind the chair. I brought in my darling client Addie (I had never colored her hair before – only trims. Her mom being a former stylist who has worked her kitchen hair magic on Addie over the years with bleach and 30 volume root to end.) I hilited the 2 foot long virgin hair on the underneath with 30 volume and HL 108, mashing the hair into one foil. MASHING. This is typically not something I would do, but I legitimately wanted to see how far I could push this color. Throughout the top I foiled root to end a level 8, 9, and 10 neutral – just waiting to see if it picked up a green base, gold base, or left splotch marks. (I had NO training in this color line – I picked up a bunch of shades and went for it. I wanted to see what happened should I go for it with no training in the color line. I wanted to see just how good Kevin made this stuff.) In my experience with Goldwell I would have expected a muddy color having not pre-filled the hair, hot roots on the underneath with the Hilift and just a myriad of problems. Goldwell, even their neutrals, love to pull gold, and the reds, well, they tend to have a mind of their own. Needless to say, I was full on expecting I was heading to redo-ville. But like I said, I wanted to see what this bad boy can do.


Let’s start with the hilift on the two feet of hair on the underneath.

There is no way in hell this color should have been the same tone root to end after processing. But it was. I told Addie’s mom. ‘I am good at color, don’t get me wrong, but this stuff makes me look like a goddamn genius!” This color had transformed my hilighting brush into a literal magic wand – and I want to wave it on everyone I meet now. After 18 years of working behind the chair I am excited about doing hair again.

So the top portion. How did that go?

Even again; root to end. Not only was it even, but it was shiny as all get out. Every single person I have had the opportunity to put this color on has left asking, ‘Is something wrong with my color? You are staring at me.” To which I respond, “I’m sorry. I am just so astounded by this color line. Your hair was dry and not reflecting shine when you came in and now your thrashed blonde is soft, shiny, and absolutely stunning.”

And don’t even get me started on the chocolate browns – so yummy I want to take a bite out of them. Straight up chocolate with no overriding red tones. Just delicious.

Now I am a goddamn genius. Thanks Kev. You’ve saved my hair career yet again. XO, MZ



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Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 5.10.21 PM



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