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Ageing // Teeth and Eyes

Ageing // Teeth and Eyes



I get overly excited about mustard – but I mean, that WHOLE aisle is MUSTARD.

On a recent trip to my dentist (I go there A LOT) we discussed my grill in depth. I have many issues with my teeth, one of the most predominant being that I chipped one of my front teeth from opening up too many bobby pins with it! I don’t do that anymore. But, while I was there the dentist explained a few things to me as I sat there with my mouth open in shock and horror.

1-Even though I know that as we age our face drops (one reason to not over tweeze zee eyebrows – if you take all the hair from the top of your brow and your face drops, your brows drop along with ’em) when it comes to your teeth that means more exposure to your bottom teeth as you age. So if they are crooked and you have been lucky enough to hide them with your smile that time may be coming to an end soon.

2-White teeth=youth. (Kinda like shiny, thick hair.) When people look at you their eyes go for your pearly whites, and the white in your eyes. The more white you can get in those two parts the younger you will appear to people.

I was so scared that I quickly signed up for the full invisalign package. (I can justify paying for straight teeth much more than Botox.) And then on my recent vacation I downloaded the FACETUNE app (followed by using the COLOR STORY app) and had at it. (You can brighten your coffee stained teeth and smooth out those wrinkles (as seen above.) My acne scars and crooked teeth have kept me from smiling in pictures for a very long time, so I am delighted to show off my pearly, albeit coffee stained, grill.

So besides getting your lady parts checked up on the regs make sure you don’t miss those dentist appointments. Your first line of a youthful defense is depending on it.

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